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Creative Visualization: use the Power of Your Imagination to create what you want in your life

If you are familiar with meditation techniques, you may have heard the phrase “we are who we think we are.” Nowhere does this phrase ring truer than in the realm of visualization.

Here, you will learn about the 3 major ways visualization and meditation help you become your better self.

How Does Visualization Affect My Subconscious?

Experts generally agree that meditative affirmations have some effect on our real-time behaviors. Visualization is all about exploring the depths of your subconscious and planting the seeds for success and development along the way.

Combine the previous 2 things mentioned and you are greeted with an undeniable “superpower” that anyone and everyone can access.

Number 1 – The “Achievement Mindset”

Those of us who regularly practice visualization techniques will experience a phenomenon called the “Achievement Mindset.” Essentially, this is a state of mind that pushes you to strive for pre-determined goals. We can often set these goals during our visualization sessions.

The “Visualize” app is one the best ways to get into this mindset, offering guided meditations for almost every scenario.

Some of the most prolific people in your life probably subscribe to this mindset, these people can often be seen making checklists (both mental and physical) and planning out where they want to be in “x” amount of time.

Number 2 – A Feeling Of “Control”

For those of you that like having a game plan, this may be your favorite part of visualization and meditation.

When you spend substantial amounts of time visualizing and imagining your preferred future, as well as the steps needed to get there, you often gain a sense of control when going through your day.

I often notice this in the morning, after my meditation sessions. Usually, I will make a mental checklist that goes over what I visualized and how I can begin accomplishing those things as the day goes on.

Those more experienced in the art of meditation and visualization are often able to predict problems that may arise when attempting to accomplish the goals they have set. This will often lead to a better overall sense of readiness when dealing with problems or complex situations.

Number 3 – Enhanced Creativity And Imaginative Skills

When delving into the complexity that is the human subconscious, many will unlock their potential for artistic creativity and imagination abilities.

Why is this so?

Most of us simply do not have the time to understand who we truly are. When you set time aside for meditation and visualization, you allow yourself time to explore and scale your subconscious and the skills you have locked away.

Many of the great painters in history, all had set aside time for meditation sessions. This allowed them to plan out future works in a peaceful and low-stress environment.

How Can I Begin Learning About Meditation and what It Can Do For Me?

Many first-time visualizers have taken advantage of the “Visualize” app. Here you can do anything from participating in meditation, reading your daily horoscope to creating your vision board.


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