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Why a Gratitude Journal?

A gratitude journal is not the same as a diary. Maybe you write in a diary and while reading this you think: “I already keep a diary, that’s the same, isn’t it?” No it is not, gratitude journaling is different from keeping a personal journal. Although it can partly overlap and a diary section can be part of your journal. The purpose of a journal is often different from what you want to achieve with gratitude journaling. So what is exactly the difference?

In many cases you use a diary to write off your thoughts. These are often negative thoughts and the problem with writing down these negative thoughts is that the same inner experiences associated with these thoughts come back as soon as you read your journal back. These can be feelings of sadness, fear and loneliness, for example.

Positive Thoughts Work Better

Writing down positive thoughts works the other way around. It is infectious and inspiring. This is again what gratitude journaling is all about. An important rule of thumb for a journal is that you only include positive thoughts. Every time you open your journal you want to remind yourself what your goals are and what you are moving towards those goals. By only consciously engaging with positive thoughts when working in your journal, you experience less stress and are more successful in achieving your goals.

What a Gratitude Journal means for you?

Who doesn’t have certain dreams and goals? And also know all to well how easy that dreams simply remain dreams if you do nothing concrete with them, such as writing them down or drawing them out? After all, you only live once, and life passes by faster than you think. Why not try to organise your life the way you like to see it? Journaling can make a drastic difference, because it motivates you to put your plans and dreams on paper and then do something active with it.

Browsing through your journal at the end of the year and seeing what you wrote and signed and what you made of it in that year gives you a kick and feelings of happiness. In this way, journaling makes a huge contribution to your personal growth. Also check out this website with five reasons why you should write a gratitude journal.

Journaling Boosts Personal Growth

Journaling is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and educational things you can do for yourself. Because everything you write in a journal, clutter or draw somehow has meaning in your life. And by then working with the content of your journal, you take your life to a higher level.

Vision Board Maker and Gratitude Journal

Vie provides an easy to use mobile app which helps you step by step to achieve your goals and live your dream life. According to researchers, “Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.” Try our Gratitude Journal with the following features which makes it super easy for you to keep your gratitude journal.

  • Easy to keep journal
  • You can edit past entries
  • Add journal entries via speech to text functionality
  • You can add a pictures to support your thoughts.
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