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How to make a better Vision Board that works!

Vision Board goals may sometimes feel difficult to reach, especially if you havent got a clear vision on how to get there. Most of us, start the new year, motivated to keep all our new years resolutions, but a few months down the road, we lose our motivation and forget all about our resolutions.

Making a Vision board is a powerful and fun way to hold on to your intentions. It helps you to keep your dreams on top of mind and stay focused on your goals.

Some of the world’s most influential thought leaders like Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Gabrielle Bernstein for starters all agree: It’s possible to turn your dreams into reality, true manifestation. For succes with manifestation, you have to set your intentions, believe that it will become a reality. Then take everyday small steps towards your goals.

A Vision Board is a collage of images, motivational quotes and affirmations that helps you bring clarity and focus about what  one really wants in life. A digital Vision Board is quicker, cheaper and accessible on to go on your phone. Most apps have a digital slideshow which you can watch daily to keep you in sync with your dream goals and each day one step closer in achieving them.

Creating a Vision Board with an app is easy but involves several steps.

Choose your goals

Focus on what you really want to achieve when selecting goals. The goals should be specific. For example, travel the world, buy a house, start a family or achieve a career milestone.

Find relevant images

You can find images in google, canvas or you’re own photo library. Choose them carefully. Don’t just use a picture, but really feel happy, when looking at the picture. Manifesting is all about feeling motivated.

Find words and phrases

After choosing goals and purpose for the Vision Board, it becomes easier to find words, phrases, and images to represent your dreams. Write down a few words related to your Vision Board goals or look for some inspirational quotes or phrases with ease to power your Vision Board goals.

Choose Vie App

The best free Vision, Dream & Mood Board maker for manifesting goals and has unique social sharing features. With a great image library, motivational quotes, affirmations, journal and a “be inspired” feed where you can see goals of your friends and the achievers community. This app has it all and wil take you to the next level!

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