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New Year Resolutions 2023

We all know those new year resolutions

  1. To drive by a gym at least ones a week to pay my respects
  2. Sign up for a marathon, that I bravely will {not actually run} or
  3. Before using a public toilet, always check If there is toiletpaper or
  4. Pay off my credit cards every month in full… with my other credit cards or
  5. Stop trusting the top 10 most populair on Netflix list
Vie Top Rated Social Vision Board Maker

Time to try something else

However New Year Resolutions focus more on taking things away, whereas, Vision Boards have a more positive approach, visualise how you would look healthy, how you would feel finishing a marathon or have financial freedom. Seeing is believing.

Research studies show that nearly 80 percent of resolutions fail once February rolls around. Time to try something else. Unlike New Year Resolutions that just sit at the back of your mind, vision boards are in-your-face reminders that keep your goals and desires on display.

Not only do vision boards serve as a daily reminder of your goals, but they can also act as a manifestation tool. Now that you can see it, you emotionally connect with who you’re becoming, you believe it’s possible for you, and you can now take a direct path toward achieving it.

One way to always have your goals on top of mind, is with a digital board. The best way to create a digital New Year Resolution Vision Board that actually works is by using Vie: a social Vision & Dream Board Maker app which makes creating a Vision Boards easy and super fun to do. Give it a try to kick off 2023 with a blast!

The Science behind the Vision Board

The Law of Attraction, which gained popularity from the book The Secret, states that we attract whatever we think about, good or bad. When you repeatedly visualise what you want, imagining the feeling you get when you’ve already accomplished your goal, you train your subconscious mind to believe that achieving that goal is possible. And you will see that your desired results will actually manifest. Vision Boards are a great way to train your brain to recognise opportunity.

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