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The Pink Bubble Technique

The Pink Bubble Technique for Creative Visualisation is one of the most valuable techniques you could implement in your daily life. It is a practical, realistic way of internalising your dreams and desires. As a sort-of combination between meditation and life planning, creatively visualising your goals is a way of making your intentions obtainable.

By making them obtainable and placing them at the forefront of your mind, you are inherently putting what you want to achieve in the same vein of thought as what you’ve already achieved. This can be done through skilled creative visualization, which has a wide variety of techniques that have proven themselves very useful. One of these strategies is referred to as the Pink Bubble Technique.

Purpose of the Pink Bubble

The main purpose of the pink bubble is to create a literal representation of your ideas. By throwing your goals and desires into something that physically floats, you are allowing your beliefs to spread to the rest of the universe. This allows us to channel our positive thoughts, and let go of our negative thoughts. In a sense, the bubble could serve as a beacon that attracts energy, or disposal that releases negative energy.

How Does it Work?

The Pink Bubble technique uses the power of visualizing and saying positive things to yourself. When you imagine yourself inside a pink bubble of positive energy, you are using your mind to feel safe and happy. Since your thoughts and feelings affect your reality, being in this state of mind can help you bring good things into your life. The main premise behind the Pink Bubble Technique is mental imagery and ideally, you should be able to create a mental image of a pink bubble.

First off, you need to:

1.) Sit down and place your body in a state of relaxation
2.) Close your eyes and try to deeply focus on your breathing
3.) Continue the process of relaxation, trying to get more absorbed in your thoughts
4.) Imagine a favorable scenario/situation that you would like to happen
5.) Take this vision and place it inside of a pink bubble (which is a gentle, positive color)
6.) Let the bubble go

When you let the bubble go, you’re releasing your thoughts as energy out into the universe. By doing this, you are announcing your intentions to the rest of the world. You are channeling your inner soul, and enhancing your ability to creatively visualize.

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