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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vie?

It is a fun app that helps you manifest the life you desire. With our vision board, journal, affirmations, chat with like-minded and articles we help to supercharge your life.

How do I use Vie?

Once you have created a Vision Board you will then add steps toward your goal and a time you want to achieve this goal. Then you set a reminder when you want to be reminded of your goals.

Can I add music to my vision boards?

Incorporated within our app is a Sound Feature which is divided into three different parts. The first part is where you can record your voice, which is very powerful to hear yourself saying your affirmations or what you want to heal. The second part is Spotify, you can add your own playlist, or you can add music that we have preselected for you.

Adding music to a vision board slideshow can enhance the overall experience and make it more engaging. Music can help set the tone and create a positive atmosphere, which can help to reinforce the goals and aspirations represented on the vision board. Additionally, music can serve as a powerful motivator, helping to inspire and energize viewers as they work towards achieving their goals.

Do I have to Vie every day?

If you want to change something in your life, you must make a habit of it. Vie is your daily compass, where you are right now and where you want to go. It is not necessary to check your vision board every day, but it can be beneficial to do so. Reviewing your vision board on a regular basis can help to keep your goals and aspirations at the forefront of your mind, which can increase your motivation and focus. It can also be helpful to review your vision board before going to sleep and after waking up to help program your subconscious mind with your goals. It's ultimately up to you and your personal preference, but making it a habit to check your vision board at least once a week can help you stay focus and motivated.

Should I create one Vision Board for everything I want to manifest or heal?

With our Baqua Vision board, you can create 9 areas of your life, you want to improve. It is up to personal preference and how you want to organize your vision board. Creating one vision board for everything you want to manifest or heal can be beneficial as it allows you to see all of your goals and aspirations in one place. This can help you to see connections and relationships between your goals and identify areas where they overlap.

However, creating multiple vision boards for different areas of your life, such as one for career goals, one for personal development, one for health and wellness etc., can also be beneficial. This can allow you to focus on specific areas of your life and give you the opportunity to create a more detailed and specific vision for each area. It also makes it easy to focus on one area at a time and not feeling overwhelmed.

Ultimately, the key is to find a system that works best for you and your goals, whether that be one big vision board or multiple boards.

What is the best time to visualize?

We recommend using Visualize feature just before you go to sleep and right after you wake up in the morning. When you use this feature before going to bed you set up what you want your Subconscious Mind to program. Doing this again right when you wake up is a wonderful way to pave your day.

Can I add my own images from my phone?

Vie lets you add your own images to create your vision boards. You can also take a picture and add it. We believe that you should never be limited in manifesting. To help you, we have a preselected library of images, you can use. The best time to review your vision board can vary depending on your personal schedule and preferences. Some people find it helpful to review their vision board first thing in the morning, as it can help set the tone for the day and increase motivation to work towards their goals. Others may prefer to review their vision board at night, as it can help to reinforce their goals before going to sleep.

It's also important to review your vision board when you're feeling down or unmotivated, as it can help to remind you of your aspirations and why you set those goals in the first place.

Where can I talk to friends or community?

First, go to settings and then you can add community friends and talk to Like-Minded people.